Power Master EAD 5200

Posted: August 14, 2017 in Power Multi Chanel

Enlightened Audio Design (EAD)


Power Master 5200Enlightened Audio Design (EAD)

Kondisi mulus dan terawat

Berminat hub 08161187408

Overview If ever there was an award for best sounding multi-channel amp under $5,000, this would be in the winner’s circle. The massive amp is not just big physically but also has a big heart of a sound. Be it two channel music, multi-channel music or movies, the PowerMaster 5200 delivered a clear and powerful sound. Compared to some of the AV receiver that we have in the store with the same power rating, it was obviously clear which unit had the better sound. The PowerMaster 5200 had an audiophile quality to it. Bass was deeper and tighter with better mids and highs. The quality difference is audible. Each channel has RCA or XLR connectors and can be individually switched on the rear. Cosmetically, the unit looks very good.


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